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Cultural Competence - Diverse Population

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The Moore-Thomas, Day-Vines article explores cultural competence as it relates to effective collaboration and interactions as well as an understanding of the political structures and socio-cultural realities of African American students, families, and their communities. Describe the specific models, strategies, and recommendations for educators to work effectively with students with diverse social differences (i.e. economic, ethnic, cultural, family, geographic region, ect). What steps can you take to be a culturally competent educator as you plan on working with specific groups, school, family and community members?

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First and foremost, there exist no ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL specific models and strategies for educators who effectively develop good teaching methods for diverse student populations. Attempting to put a specific model or strategy would go against the idea of diversity because each diverse population should be addressed based upon its needs and culture. Therefore, the first step to developing a model or strategy is researching as much as possible about the diverse students' populations within the classroom. This entails understanding the ...

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Discusses diverse social differences.

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Counseling and Advocacy with Diverse Populations Resources

As this course wraps up, take some time to reflect on what you have learned about culturally competent counseling and social justice advocacy.

*Articulate your role as a counselor (Hispanic Mental health counselor) in developing cultural self-awareness and discuss your gains in self-awareness as a result of this course. Include one example of a gain in your self-awareness at each of the levels of the tripartite model of personal identity: individual, group and universal.
*Articulate your role as a counselor in becoming familiar with the characteristics and concerns of diverse populations and integrating culturally supported behaviors that promote optimal wellness and growth of the human spirit, mind, and body, and provide an example of a culturally supported behavior you would integrate into your counseling practice.
*Articulate your role in promoting cultural social justice, advocacy, and conflict resolution, and provide an example of advocacy for a client in your specialization area at the individual, community, and national level.
*Discuss your goals with respect to continuing your journey to cultural competence and identify at least three steps you will take in the next year toward achieving these goals.

Answer must be no less than 500 words and list references, if any.

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