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    Formulating the Assessment Question

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    Scenario 1

    You have been providing counseling to a 14-year-old male who was referred due to substance abuse and a criminal conviction for drug sales. Treatment progress has been slow and you believe that additional clinical information will be useful. Your agency provides access to computerized scoring and interpretation of the MMPI-2. You have some knowledge of the MMPI-2 from your Tests and Measurements Course in graduate school. You have your client complete the assessment and use the agency's software for scoring and interpretation. The interpretative report indicates that your client scored very high on Scale 4 Psychopathy. The report indicates that the prognosis for treatment is poor and the there is a high risk for continued substance abuse. You report the results to your client's probation officer and recommend that the client be referred for residential treatment.

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    *Formulate two potential causes for the presenting problems of the virtual client that you selected, and support your reasons for these possible explanations.

    Referral Question:

    A 14-year-old male was referred for psychological evaluation due to substance abuse and a criminal conviction for drug sales. Currently, he is in treatment, which has been poor. A MMPI Profile suggests a level of functioning based on the results of scores on the MMPI Scale 4 at a low-level of social adjustment. He is being referred by ....

    Based on the test results (MMPI-2) that were presented in the scenario, causes for the presenting problem would include: (1) difficulty with school and authority figures, (2) alienation from family, (3) ...

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    This solution formulate causes for assessment in a specific case study.