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    Formulating Diagnoses

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    -What is the best approach to take in formulating diagnoses when working with couples and families? Why?
    - What factors are important to assess or diagnose in families or couples in order to make effective choices about therapy goals and interventions?
    - What specific diagnostic processes would you use during your assessment of a couple or family? How are these similar to and different from the processes you would use with an individual?

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    ? What is the best approach to take in formulating diagnoses when working with couples and families? Why?

    Research indicates that the most empirically validated approach to marital therapy is Emotionally-Focused Therapy ([EFT] (Johnson, & Talitman, 1997). The EFT approach is focused upon emotional responses and interactional patterns that characterize marital distress. The therapeutic approach is focused upon re-processing emotions to bring about a change in partners' emotional responses. The role of the therapist within the approach is to observe the pattern of the couples' interaction. For example, Lum (1973) suggested an approach focused on the communication theory. The theoretical base of this theory is formulated based on three dimensions: (1) He, (2) She, and (3)We. Focused on these dimensions, therapeutic process consists of having the husband (He) disclose, while the wife empathizes with him. Following the wife (She) discloses, and the husband empathizes with her. Finally, in the "we" dimension the husband and wife encounter each other, examine the patterns of interaction and enter ...

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    This solution discusses means of formulating diagnoses for couples and families