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Under-pathologizing and Over-pathologizing.

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What are the reasons for under-pathologizing and over-pathologizing?

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1. Reasons for under-pathologizing and over-pathologizing.

Let's consider three reasons from the literature to consider:

1) Theory of human behavior

The one camp of biological scholars look at every human behavior that deviates from the "normal" expected behaviors as pathological. This is the medical model based on biological causes of human behavior, and behavior is referred to as normal or abnormal. This often leads to over-pathologising every behavior that is defined as deviating form the normal (average behavior of human behaviors) as pathological.

The behaviorists and environmental camp of theorists is the exact opposite. All behavior is considered a product of the environment; therefore, whatever is learned can be unlearned. This kind of thinking leads to under-pathologizing.

Both are important in making accurate diagnosis.

2) Generalizing rare events to a whole population

We see this in our youth, where rare events like school shootings and suicide cases, have been generalized to the ...

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This solution explores the reasons for under-pathologizing and over-pathologizing.