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How to conduct an effective SWOT analysis with TOWS

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Essay Question - Use a SWOT analysis to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Then analyze the opportunities and threats in your career field which is a manager in a hospital laboratory.

Strengths- good communicator, honest, assertive, loyal, focused

Weaknesses - time management, giving positive reinforcement, always have to be in control of the conversation

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A SWOT analysis is a four-phased approach to formulating new strategy for a business: STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, THREATS & OPPORTUNITES. You first characterize the strengths and weaknesses of the firm (it's internal core competencies and failings). Then you examine the external components: Threats and Opportunities. These are market ...

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As an essential component of needs assessment and market position for strategic planning purposes, SWOT and TOWS offer a simple yet effective way to categorize aspects of a firm's competitive advantage. TOWS (SWOT spelled backwards) is more involved than traditional SWOT, and therefore more useful. The solution defines the phases of SWOT/TOWS, explains how to conduct a proper analysis, and provides a graphical example and document template for publishing the results.

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SWOT and TOWS Analysis

The traditional SWOT analysis produces a document that characterizes the internal Strengths and Weaknesses of a firm and the external Opportunities and Threats of a business in search of situational awareness and market position.

This solution adds value to traditional SWOT artifacts by adding the TOWS (toes) dimension (which is just SWOT spelled backwards). The TOWS artifact enhances the traditional four-box grid with an inner dimension that facilitates the definition of concrete action items born from matching the Strengths and Weaknesses to specific Threats and Opportunities that were identified during the initial SWOT analysis.

TOWS analysis is considered more valuable in strategic planning projects.

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