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    Persuasive Writing: Getting Controversial

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    Persuasive Writing using the 5-paragraph format

    Imagine that you have been retained as a consultant to Nike. You can design your role. You may be retained to represent the voice of parents, the military, women customers, or any group you choose. Alternatively, you may be a general consultant to Nike, the sportswear manufacturer and home of the Swoosh logo.

    Nike has assigned you to write a very brief report to answer this question.

    "We have sponsored some very controversial players, such as Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (accused of assault) and Golf Pro Tiger Woods (publicity about marital problems and car accident). Should we continue to sponsor players like these? Why or why not?"

    Additional info:

    You can choose to discuss just one player, such as Tiger Woods (i.e., you can answer the question, "Should we sponsor Tiger Woods?") Or you can take a position, "Nike should sponsor Tiger but not Ben," or vice versa. Or you can say, "Nike should (or should not) continue to sponsor athletes who have ..."

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    The role of a public relations consultant to a major firm is to provide the best guidance possible,
    based on the brand and image the organization wishes to portray. A consultant to a firm such as Nike
    must consider the organization's mission, organizational goals and past and present challenges. Nike
    often uses well known athletes, from a variety of sports, to promote its footwear and athletic wear
    products. The organization has sponsored controversial names such as Ben Rothlisberger, who has
    been accused of assault, and Tiger Woods, whose recent marital problems and motor vehicle accident
    have been highly publicized. While Nike cannot always anticipate the actions or behaviors of such
    athletes, it should not continue to sponsor athletes who bring quite a bit of negative attention to
    The sponsor, who is asked to wear the organization's athletic ...

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