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Persuasive Writing: Getting Controversial

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Please I need help again with the following:

Persuasive vs Directive Writing

This consists of 3 parts. .

First, thinking of something you want someone to do. For example, maybe you want your colleagues to come to the annual department picnic. Or maybe you want a store to provide an extra service because you're such a good customer.

Please don't make reference to anything religious or political. For example, you might want your kids to finish their homework before they watch television. Or you might want your guests to dress up for a special party.

Part 1. Imagine having authority to order your target audience to do what you want them to do. Write one short page (150-200 words words) as a letter or email written in directive mode. Just tell the other person (or the group) what to do. For example: "Effectively immediately, all employees must be at their desks by 9 AM."

Part 2. Imagining that you do not have authority to order your audience to do anything. You must rely on persuasion. write one page (250 words-350 words) on the same topic.

Do not offer a bribe or reward. ("If you do this, you will get time off.") Motivate your reader by appealing to his or her interests, needs and desires. Use logic and reasoning.

Thinking of 2 or more reasons to persuade the other person to do what you want. Consider the other person's perspective. What would motivate him, her or them to act this way? For example, "When you come to work on time, you will work more efficiently the rest of the day and you'll feel more relaxed."

Part 3. Write a paragraph explaining what you learned from this exercise, especially your understanding of persuasive writing. Minimum 150 words, no maximum.

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Subject: Changes in Working Hours

Dear All,

In light of the advent of Spring we will experiment with our hours of operation. The intention is to use as much sunlight as possible and conserve electricity. This will serve dual purposes of lowering our operating costs, and contribute towards a cleaner and greener environment.

As a result of the changes the new hours of operation of our firm will be from 8:00 in the morning to 4:30 in the evening, that will also include 30 minutes of lunch break from 12:00 Noon to 12:30 PM.

If anyone has any concerns about the aforesaid changes you should get in touch with the management as soon as possible. In case of any serious personnel issues we will make appropriate arrangements.

The new operation hours will be effective starting April 01, 2010.


Managing Director, XYZ Corporation.


Subject: Proposal to Make Changes in Working Hours

Dear ...

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