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The environment is categorized as an economic issue because of the negative impact that production and economic expansion has on the environment, which is an important problem that follows economic growth. Pollution and the degradation of natural resources are pressing issues that have to be accounted for in economic decisions related to production and resource allocation. The earth’s ecosystems have to cope with the smoke, sewage and chemical waste, greenhouse-gas emissions, nuclear fuel, and many other types of pollutants. These become an issue in economics not solely because they damage the environment, but because they are often externalities which contain costs that are not reflected in the market prices we experience. That is to say we do not accurately pay the full price that accounts for the costs to the environment, since the environment bears the cost and they do not impose on us to necessarily pay! Hence, we see government initiatives such as taxes on gas, taxes on less fuel-efficient cars, and composting to account for these externalities. 

Up until the 1800s, the earth’s population was one billion and since then has increased at a growing rate¹. The growing population means that earth’s natural resources are being consumed at a much larger rate than centuries before, causing a strain on the environment and resource exhaustion¹. Often these long run considerations are also not accounted for in the signal we get from the market price. This leads to overconsumption and in the long run may lead to the depletion of the world's resources under a timeline that we would not actually prefer. Considerations of the environment in economics largely seeks to deal with these negative externalities that adversely affect the environment. 



1. Ragan, Chrisopher. Macroeconomics/Christopher T.S. Ragan, Richard G. Lipsey. – 13th Canadian ed. 

Krugman Versus Marriott: Employee Treated as Commodities

Paul Krugman, an MIT economist, states, "At the heart of capitalism's inhumanity-and no sensible person will deny that the market is an amoral and often cruelly capricious master-is the fact that it treats labor as a commodity." (The Accidental Theorist, Norton, 1998,p.15) Is it true that capitalists employers treat their worke

Cola Wars of the 21st Century

Prepare a case study of the "War of the Continuing Colas: Coke and Pepsi in the Twenty-First Century" with references included.


E-training is showing up in all areas of business. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of e-learning in the corporate training world. Feel free to share any personal experience.

Competitive Market Characteristics

Choose a market for a good in your area that seems to be a perfectly competitive market. Answer the following questions: Identify the buyers and sellers as well as the goods or services. How closely do real world conditions match the characteristics listed in the model? Are the sellers price takers? Do they compete u

Strategic Changes

Select a firm whose stock is publicly traded on a U.S. stock exchange. What strategic changes has this firm made over the past 18 months to respond to changing macroeconomic conditions? Were those strategic changes successful? Could the firm have made additional or better strategic choices?

Marketing Plan

Identify characteristics of a good marketing plan. Assess the strengths and limitations of implanting a marketing plan. Determine when a marketing plan should be revised.

Economics Question

Recently there has been a trend toward granting employees more decision-making authority and broader task assignments in the workplace. Give at least three reasons that explains this shift.

Characterize the bureaucratic form of government.

The bureaucratic form of government is so prevalent in public agencies and tends to result in a slower-paced, less customer-oriented organization (e.g., the Social Security Administration or the Post Office). Explain how the bureaucratic organizational structure affects the motivation of its employees and how the study of organi

Medical College Accepting Too Many Students

A few years ago, a prominent medical college inadvertently accepted more applicants than it could accommodate in its first-year class. Not wanting to arbitrarily delay the entrance date of the students admitted, it offered them one year of free tuition if they would delay their medical studies by one year. Discuss the factors en

T-bills, T-bonds, and T- notes

Treasury funds the national debt through a mix of T-bills, T-notes, and T-bonds with maturities of 10-30 years. During President Clinton's administration the Treasury proposed that by issuing more T-bills and less T-Notes and Bonds they could reduce the federal budget deficit substantially. For example, the yield on T-bills was

Sustainability Presentation Help

investigate Starbuckâ??s Coffee® Company commitment to and performance in sustainable business: âo Evaluate Starbuckâ??s Coffee® Company in terms of sustainability, addressing the following: â?¢ Identify ways in which Starbuckâ??s Coffee® Company is succeeding and ways in which it is falling short in terms of su

oligopolies and mergers

Please choose the proposed merger between Rite Aid and Revco: list their annual sales and extent of operation, what are some of their incentives to consolidate, list and describe the firms in the industry,describe the product,production methods, scale of production, and sources of raw material ( I know his one might not be need

Microeconomics Total Social Benefits

1. The efficient amount of pollution control is: a) the amount for which the total social benefit equals the total social cost of pollution. b) the amount for which the marginal social benefit equals the marginal social cost of pollution. c) always zero. d) always 100% abatement. 2. In November 2004, the Environmen

Persuasive Essay: Responding to a Very Specific Situation

Hi, I need help again: please let me know if you will be able to help me once again with this one. Imagine that you have been invited to speak to an assembly, athletic team meeting or other group at your former high school. You are talking about your career and what you have achieved. Because we're in the realm of fantas

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Hello, Please I need help again with the following: Persuasive vs Directive Writing This consists of 3 parts. . First, thinking of something you want someone to do. For example, maybe you want your colleagues to come to the annual department picnic. Or maybe you want a store to provide an extra service because you

Cost -volume- profit analysis

Poole Corporation has collected the following information after its first year of sales. Net sales were $1,600,000 on 100,000 units; selling expenses $240,000 (40% variable and 60% fixed); direct materials $511,000; direct labor $285,000; administrative expenses $280,000 (20% variable and 80% fixed); manufacturing overhead $360,

Economic Viewpoint

In a couple of paragraphs, support one of the two viewpoints below concerning the Anheuser Busch InBev merger. View 1 - AB acted as a well-managed business that takes the actions necessary to remain competitive in a very competitive market. If AB had not approved the merger, its profits and stock price would have fallen, and


Please assist me with the following questions relating to the Pharmaceutical Industry. What entity is best suited to try to promote positive and discourage negative externalities? How would this entity try to promote and discourage? Why can't the private sector accomplish these objectives? hide problem

India and China

Debate the following proposition: "The countries of India and China have a "right" to pollute the environment until they catch up with more industrialized countries."

Market trends - nike

I need approximately 400 words total to describe the market trends that Nike will face and address how each of the following will change or will not change, and why: a. market structure b. Impact of new companies entering the market What is Nike's market structure?

perform an NPV analysis

Question 2 - Virtual Ray (20 marks) Ray University, always on the cutting edge of technology, is analyzing the possibility of providing virtual courses for its finance students. This virtual university setting would provide the next generation of online courses by using 3D simulated digital environment where users can socializ

Pollution Questions - marginal savings/transfer coefficients

Two identical firms save money from polluting. A firm's marginal savings from emitting an amount (e) are given by 10 - 2e. The two firms differ in their impact on ambient pollution concentrations. Two units of emissions from firm 1 result in one unit of ambient pollution. Firm 2 has twice the impact on the ambient environment fr

Government in the Marketplace

In 2002, a well known conglomerate that manufactures a multitude of noncompeting consumer products instituted a corporate wide initiative to encourage the managers of its many divisions to share consumer demographic info. However, since the initiative, the CEO has noticed that less info is available than ever. Why do you think