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Empowering employees

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Recently there has been a trend toward granting employees more decision-making authority and broader task assignments in the workplace. Give at least three reasons that explains this shift.

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Empowering employees:

In today's market businesses are empowering employing by providing them with more power in decision making and this is because empowering employees creates value for a business. This is because employees are provided with a means to achieve their objectives through learning. According to Pattanayak (2005), empowering employees enables an organization ...

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Empowering employees is carefully advised.

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Empowering the employees

Most of us may have experienced the "Chart on the Board" method for learning the ABC's, times tables, states and capitals. As you learn, you may have earned a star or some sort of visual recognition in chart format for following your progress to not only yourself, but your peers. The "Chart on the Board" method can be a short term incentive to accomplish tasks, but it is the internal motivation that will ultimately drive an individual to greater heights. Employee empowerment is a big theme of this class and I frequently post on the subject.

In order to achieve a motivated workforce, a key factor may be employee empowerment, a statement by Cartin (1993.) "Giving workers the responsibility for improvements and the authority to make changes to accomplish them provides strong motivation for employees. This puts decision making into the hands of those who are closest to the job and have a considerable insight into problems and solutions."

Think about how empowering the employees can increase innovation, creativity, and motivation. For those of you in management consider how you can empower your employees. Think about the ways you can convince your boss that you have the knowledge, skills and ability to accomplish a task.

What is one thing you can do today to either give more responsibility to your employees or to gain more responsibility as an employee?


Thomas J. Cartin, 1993, Principles and Practices of TQM, Pg 29, (Milwaukee: ASQC Quality Press, 1993)

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