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Empowering the employees for better performance

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After reading an Todd's (2014) article "Get your employees to work like nobody's watching," I realize that leaders need to improve teams performance through empowering their employees. As described in the article, how would one implement such ideas into an organization and/or implement the changes in a team in order to maximize a teams performance? Thoughts?


Todd, A. (2014). Get your employees to work like 'nobody's watching. Forbes, January 16, 2014. Retrieved from http://www.forbes.com/sites/johnkotter/2014/01/16/get-your-employees-to-work-like-nobodys-watching/

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The ideas described in the article can be implemented into an organization if the top management creates an environment which promotes the culture of team spirit and employee empowerment in the organization. It is very important to create such an environment in an organization which motivates the employees to give their best performance and work for the best interest of the organization. It should create friendly ...

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The solution discusses how the team performance can be improved through employee empowerment.

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