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    Brand extension: Zildjian cymbals

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    How you would create a brand extension of a product?

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    Apparently, there is an entire organization dedicated to this, led by E.M. Tauber, who acts as a consultant on these issues:
    http://www.brandextension.org/types.html (this eight-fold typology is actually useful).

    I think we can pick one of these and go from there.

    Here is a solid academic piece on it:
    This paper is useful because it expands on the eight types mentioned above and adds a ton of new information.

    So here's our example. Zildjian cymbals: http://zildjian.com/
    It's the top seller in the field, and the name is both distinctive and well known to musicians. Over the last 10 years, they have created a line of spinoffs that fit our topic perfectly. In addition, more than one of the eight concepts listed above work in this area.
    (I used to be a drummer many moons ago, and I know this field well).

    Zildjian is without doubt the best known name in cymbals. More than this, they are very expensive. Even a small set up will cost well over $500. They are hand made and not "punched out" of a sheet like their competitors. Their list of endorsers goes from gospel-music drummers like Rashid Williams to heavy metal's Ginger Fish (who plays for Rob Zombie) and Metallica's Lars Ulrich (from the site, ...

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    Brand extension for Zildjian cymbals is determined.