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Zildjian: Brand Extensions

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If Zildjian wants to make another brand extension other than microphones... let's say, drum sticks or something you think is cooler like an amp or clothing... *how* should they do it successfully? One citation would be fine.

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The Zildjian drumsticks were introduced around the same time as the microphones, and are still being manufactured today. So the mics failed (even with Neil Peart's enthusiastic endorsement) but the sticks succeeded.

Here's a very good paper on how to make an extension succeed (from the Journal of Consumer Marketing):

So we have "brand equity:" A positive association with the brand name and a new product. That's an easy one.

Then, "brand awareness" the author states,

"Brand awareness is important for other reasons besides its role in generating a consideration set. For some low involvement products, brand awareness is sufficient to create sales. Since consumers spend little time or effort on the consumption decision of low involvement products, familiarity with the brand name may be enough to determine purchase. The most important ...

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The brand extensions for Zidjian is examined in the solution.

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