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    E-training in all areas of business

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    E-training is showing up in all areas of business. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of e-learning in the corporate training world.

    Feel free to share any personal experience.

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    E-training and e-learning are methods by which the traditional classroom is bypassed and students interact with professors, teachers and other students in a virtual environment. Generally, the student works alone, from anywhere, and either watches the instructor on video or reads lectures in text form.

    J. Strother (2002) has sought to assess the nature of corporate e-training methods. Most corporate bodies have these, yet, her findings show that just a bit above 30% of trainees prefer electronic learning to classroom learning. However, a huge majority said, when it comes to work related things, the electronic route is the way to go.

    The literature that shows no significant different in learning relative to the medium is extensive. Wegner, Holloway, and Garton (1999), dealing with students at Northwest Missouri State, claimed that there was no difference in learning outcomes relative to the medium, and even more, that students would rater take the e-courses than sit in the classroom. Work has also been done showing the superiority of e-learning to classroom settings. This is attributed to lack of test anxiety, lack of ...

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