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    ethical, moral or social grounds of business management decisions

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    On what ethical, moral, or social grounds would you make a management decision that would lead to decreased profits? Cite a specific example and explain why your decision would be appropriate.

    What will the sustainability movement look like over the next 20 years? What issues do you expect to take center stage? How will business respond?

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    // In this paper, it is discussed how some of the decisions taken by management of a company impact distinctively on the stakeholders. A single decision affects various stakeholders in different way. The decision, which positively affects the society, can negatively affect the revenues of the company.//

    Making social, ethical and moral decisions is not just for the benefit of management itself but it also benefits the company, the employees, the customers , society, stakeholders and for the community. While making any decision for the business, a manager must consider that whether it is ethically and morally strong or not, though it is leads the company towards unprofitable situation. Management decision regarding corporate social responsibility is a self- regulatory mechanism, where a business ensures its success keeping in view of laws, ethical and moral standards, environment, consumers, employees and stakeholder etc. The cost of establishing Corporate social responsibility may be high but ultimately these things increases the cost of the business and which in turn decrease the profits.


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    The response addresses the queries posted in 736 words with references.