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    Profit Maximization and Social Responsibility in a Company

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    How is the global economy becoming more integrated. (focus on China, NAFTA, & European Union)

    Build a case for the convergence of profit maximization and corporate social responsibility.

    Define/Explain moral awareness, moral judgment, and moral character in regards to ethical decisions.

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    How the global economy is becoming more integrated. (focus on China, NAFTA, & European Union)

    The global economy is becoming more integrated because of improvements in technology, which enables increased transportation of communication, ideas, and goods as well as services. Globally, societies have taken advantage of these opportunities that have resulted in declining costs associated with transportation and communication, which has been enabled by economic integration. China is a producer of most of the world's electronics and many other items because of the use of a globally integrated world while NAFTA and the free trade agreement associated with it has opened up trade between many countries in North America allowing for reduced costs of "doing" ...

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    The posting discusses the changes in the global economy, as well as an integration of profit maximization and social responsibility. Lastly, it also describes and explains moral awareness, moral judgment and moral character.