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    Apple Company Inc.

    1) Determine how global competition impacts your organization 2) Should the organization/industry continue, expand, or reduce current operations in order to maximize profits? Explain your reasoning. a) If your answer is to expand: Should the organization/industry invest in new plants, equipment, or technologies? S

    Buying and Selling Pollution Permits

    One approach that the government can use limit the right to pollute would be by issuing pollution permits. Without a pollution permit, firms aren't allowed to emit pollutants into the air, water, or soil. Firms are allowed to buy and sell these permits. Explain how buying and selling pollution permits can correct for an external

    Does recycling waste resources?

    From an economic perspective, recycling is a money loosing proposition since we derive negative profits from it. Recycling causes the destruction of resources that are more valuable than the resources reclycling saves. Do you agree with these statements? Please give detailed answers and examples to support your position.

    cost of externalities

    "The reason the government has to step in and 'internalize' benefit and cost externalities is because people are basically selfish." Do you agree with this statement? Explain.

    Economics - Why not control agricultural runoff?

    Nutrients and pesticides are prevalent causes of water pollution. From an economic perspective, analyze why more has not been done to control agricultural runoff, the major source of these contaminants.

    Team Structure

    1. Why have so many American companies begun the move to team structures?

    Caring for Employees

    Many large companies offer employees time off during the workday to attend seminars on how to improve their health. Some even give bonuses to people who show that they are adopting healthy lifestyles by, for example, weighing in before and after the holidays to show that they are following a sensible diet. Other than showing tha

    Demand Curves & Price for PowerMacs

    Between 1991 and 1994, Apple Computer engaged in a holding action in the desktop market dominated by PCs using Intel chips and running Microsoft's operating systems. In 1994, Apple's flagship model, the Power Mac, sold roughly 10,000 units per month at an average price of $3000 per unit. AT the time, Apple claimed about a 9% m

    5 Human Capital theory questions & propositions to be explained

    Using the Human Capital theory: 1. Explain why firms in developing countries are more paternalistic. 2. Explain why teenagers tend to accumulate low wages yet proportionally higher human capital than adult workers. 3. Explain why some people who stay in college longer must be paid longer (and visa versa). 4. Explain

    Economics of internet - Second Life

    Below is the home page of Second Life, one of the leading examples of the immersive 3D environments emerging online. Attached are some readings about Second Life, as well as screen shots from several of the Second Life web site describing the online features. Please use this material to address the following questions Part

    SWOT Analysis of Apple

    For each strategic factor that you include make sure that you also include an explanation of why you selected it. Vulnerabilities to help increase you company's market share.


    Participation should be used to improve leadership effectiveness, when & why?

    Performance evaluation based on comparative rankings always reduces company value

    The following quote is based on statements made by quality expert W. Edwards Deming: "If by bad management the components of a company become competitive, the system is destroyed.....A common example lies in the practice of ranking people, divisions, teams, comparing them, with reward at the top and punishment at the bottom.

    Gross Domestic Product: Paper Mill

    The questions asked if a paper mill produces $1 million worth of paper this year but adds considerably to the pollutants in a nearby river, are the social costs arising from this pollution reflected in the gross domestic product? If so, how? Should these costs be reflected GDP? If so, why? I thought the answer would be no and t

    Pricing Strategy

    Before the breakup of AT&T, the firm charged a price for local telephone services that was roughly one-half of its cost of providing the services. In contrast, it charged almost two times it cost for long distance services. Why do you think AT&T adopted this pricing strategy?

    Dynamic pricing in the Airline industry

    COMPANY "AMERICAN AIRLINE" Select a company that uses (or has used) dynamic pricing. Using the Cybrary, the Internet, and/or your course materials, Briefly explain how the company uses dynamic pricing. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of dynamic pricing for that particular company. Perloff, J. M. (2004). Microeco

    Energy efficient versus economic efficiency contrasts

    Builders of a hybrid car announced it would build a car that would get 180 miles per gallon of unleaded gas. They figured it would cost $40,000 per car to build. The builders wanted Congress to force US automakers to build this energy-efficient car. Is energy efficiency the same thing as economic efficiency? Please explain

    Multinational Exploitation, Free Trade and Pricing

    Do multinational corporations exploit the host countries that covet the technologies and entrepreneurial skills that the multinationals provide? Does free trade encourage foreign producers to dump their products in domestic markets in a way that hurts the price system? Do these multinational corporations take advantage of

    Estimating revenues and costs

    Once you have the revenue and cost data, you can determine the MR and the MC. How would you estimate the revenue and cost data? Use historical information?

    Calculating present value

    Given the attached information ... For the discount rates of 4% and 7%, 1. Find the formula for and compute the present value (in 2004 dollars) of the cost of the Exxon Valdez spill. 2. Suppose that Exxon could have adopted stricter rules to ensure a rested crew and a sober master at the beginning of 1989. Enforcing these

    Measurement System

    Evaluate the following statement: The overarching purpose of a measurement system should be to help a team, rather than senior managers, gauge its progress. A team's measurement system should primarily be a tool for telling the team when it must take corrective action.

    Kodak case study

    What factors motivated Kodak to change its organizational architecture?