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    Peruasive Essay Analysis

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    This posting assesses essays based on these questions:

    1. Rank them in the order of persuasiveness. Explain why you found them persuasive or not.
    2. The title of an essay should have a clear and purposeful relationship to the context of the essay. Which essay had the best title? Explain why, making sure you explain how the title worked on you as a reader, and how the title related to the content of the essay.
    3. Now do the opposite for the ending of one of the essays. Which essay has the weakest ending, and what makes it weak? Explain its weakness in terms of its effect on a reader.

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    Please allow my ideas to guide you:

    1. As you rank the articles in the order of persuasiveness and why you found them persuasive or not, here is my tally:

    *a. " Where Have All the Heroes Gone?" While other articles deal with more specialized content areas or topics that not all Americans use or appreciate such as the Internet or politics, I feel that this article was most convincing and relevant due to its topic about morality. Since the article's topic is applicable to children, teens, adults, elderly, and all members of our society, its persuasive appeal was more inherent. It also uses rhetorical questions, research, and powerful examples.
    Research at http://www.readwritethink.org/lesson_images/lesson56/homework2.pdf offers this simplistic checklist to assess an article's persuasive appeal. It includes items such as the following:

    Claim - States the main point or stance

    Big Names - Mentions experts and important people to support the argument

    Logos - Uses logic, numbers, or facts to support the argument

    Pathos - Appeals to the ...

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