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How to be a responsible pet owner - Process Essay Outline

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How to be a responsible pet owner.

Use Process Analysis as the major method of exposition. The essay will be judged on focus, organization, mechanics, standard conventions, word choice, usage, and sentence structure. One or more of the following prewriting techniques are acceptable. Freewriting, Brainstorming, Mapping, Diagramming or Outlining.

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An essay outline on How to be a responsible pet owner is provided. Process analysis as the major method of exposition is used.

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I've developed a detailed outline with specific ideas, topic sentneces and thesis statement for your essay. All you have to do now is to fill in some details and change the ideas into paragraphs.

Process Essay
Topic: how to be a responsible pet owner
Introduction: owning a pet is a dream to many of us. As kids, we keep asking our parents to have a pet. We grow up and we want a nice animal to keep ...

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