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    Narration/Description Essay

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    This document teaches you, step by step, how to write a narrative or descriptive essay, including a sample thesis sentence and topic sentences.

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    Two types of essays are a narration or a description essay. These two essays are different, but they do have some similarities. A narration essay is basically a story. The only difference between writing a narration essay and telling a story is that a narration essay has a defined form unlike a retold story in which you may ramble. A description essay is exactly what it sounds like. It is an essay that describes. In a descriptive essay, you may tell a story also. However, in a descriptive essay, you will focus more on the details of the story than the story itself. For example, you might be writing a descriptive essay about a strange encounter with an eccentric character at the mall. In this essay, you would focus more on describing the strange person that you had an encounter with (physical appearance, gestures, voice, etc.) than the actual encounter itself.

    The first step in writing this paper is to pick a topic. If you look in the course documents part of blackboard, you will find a list of paper topics. However, you can choose your own topic. I put those there so that you can generate ideas for a topic. You should chose a topic that is interesting and that you know a lot about.

    Your second step should be to establish form. The best way to do this is to write a thesis sentence. In this class, I want you to write using a basic 5 paragraph form. Therefore, your form will generally be the following format:

    I. Introduction paragraph
    II. Body paragraph
    III. Body paragraph
    IV. Body paragraph
    V. Conclusion paragraph

    To write a thesis sentence, you will first decide what your essay ...