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Marketing Plan For Dog Food Dispensing Product

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Caninantics is a start-up company that has created a new dog food dispensing product " Nufeed Dog Feeding " that will open canned dog food, dump the food into the dog bowl, and dispense the can. The company wants to start marketing this product and then branch into other canine accessories by the end of the year.

The marketing plan should include:
1. Situational Analysis
2. Marketing Strategy
3. Financials
4. Contols

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This is an outline of your project.

1. Situational Analysis - this is an analysis of the external and internal environment of a company. Often it includes a SWOT.

Company: This company is a startup company with a new product. The financial stability of the company is dependent on the sales of the product. The company leader is financial stable. This product is new and can be expanded for use beyond dogs. The weaknesses of the company are the new startup status of the company. It is untried and unproven in the business world. The product is also new and innovative. It is not proven at this point that it is needed or wanted.

The industry is strong. Pets are more popular than ever. ...

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