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    Preliminary Market Research Plan

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    Marketing Research Plan
    Focus of the Marketing Research Plan

    Selected: Doggie Dinner

    2. Research your selected project to assess competitive marketing strategies of the chosen segment such as products, pricing, placement, and promotion. In your assessment, include recent estimates of economic factors, including sales and market share, and physical factors, such as size, corporate headquarters, and divisional structure. In other words, get to know your firm-who they are, what they are doing, how well they are doing, and characteristics of the marketplace.
    3. Prepare a preliminary proposal, 2-3 pages in length, for a marketing research project for your selected firm, and submit for grading in Week Three. Review Exhibit 6-6: Modules to Include in Proposals on page 143 of Marketing Research and include the following sections in your proposal:
    ? Overview of the research issue that will be studied
    ? Problem, or questions, that will be addressed
    ? Why the problem or questions are important
    ? General outline how the research will be conducted including method of data collection and analysis (research design)
    ? Expected findings
    ? Budget
    ? Principal investigator (you)

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    Doggie Diner Research Plan

    ? Overview of the research issue that will be studied:
    ? This research project will explore the business performance and customer expectations of Doggie Diner. The research will help uncover insight into several key areas that have significant impact on Doggie Diner business success including customer satisfaction, marketing effectiveness, services (payment form) impact, customer segments and competitive positioning.

    ? Problem, or questions, that will be addressed
    ? Customer satisfaction: How satisfied are Doggie Diner customer with the current product and services? What products and services rank high in satisfaction and what products and services rank low? Why? What can Doggie Diner do to improve satisfaction for those products and services that rank low?
    ? Marketing effectiveness: Are there any significant weaknesses in Doggie Diner's marketing? What marketing tools are successful? How did customers find out about Doggie Diner (through what marketing tools)? What marketing tools are most persuasive at encouraging sales? What tools are least persuasive?
    ? Impact of forms of payment: Has Doggie Diner suffered any sales loss due to current payment options? Do customers find the current payment options limiting? Would customers purchase more often if there were more payment options? What payment options should be added?
    ? Customer profiles: Are there any differences between customers based on payment option (check vs paypal)? What are the demographics, mindset and purchasing habits (sales, frequency, etc.) of check purchasers vs paypal purchasers?
    ? Competitive analysis: What is Doggie Diner's competition and how does Doggie Diner perform in the competitive set? What are the primary and secondary competitors? What are Doggie Diner's strength against the competition? What are Doggie Diner's weaknesses against the competition? Are there opportunities to make Doggie Diner more competitive?

    ? Why the problem or questions are important
    ? Customer satisfaction: It is critical that Doggie Diner has a good understanding of customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction drives sales, repeat business and even referrals. A business will fail if customers are not satisfied. Understanding satisfaction will provide Doggie Diner with and understanding of what they are doing well (and should continue doing) as well as areas that need ...

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    This solution outlines a preliminary market research plan that covers overview of the research, questions that will be addressed in the research, why the questions are important, outline of how the research will be conducted, expected findings and budget. The budget is provided in Excel format.