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Preliminary Action Plan for Motels

You have been hired as an HR/KM consultant to this organization. Your initial assignment is to compose a 'preliminary action plan' of between 3 and 5 pages, detailing where and how you will find the 'quick wins' to get the ball rolling for KM within the organization. Remember this is a results-oriented organization, many people are skeptical of knowledge management and excessive 'central services' spending. Also detail, however, your suggestions for a more long-term knowledge management/organizational learning strategy for the organization, keeping in mind the particular budget issues (you have little to no money...).

Interview stage.
You may also submit up to five additional questions to obtain additional information or clarify elements of the case study.

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// This paper deals with writing a 'Preliminary Action Plan' for a Company. Before writing such a plan, we must select a plan that would go down well with the Management, as well as, the Employees' needs. We must start the paper by giving a brief industry analysis. Like this: //

Preliminary Action Plan for Motel

Industry analysis - Current trends in this industry includes the growth in demand for overnight accommodations, alterations in tourist's lodging requirements, and nascent innovative properties that are opening around the country.

Determining the keys to success

The success of motels would be based on the following factors:

? Ensuring elite facility.

? Making the customers feel that they are given top priority.

? Availing quality servings.

? Retention of the customers for next time booking and refferals.

// Now, we would determine our target market to which our products would be directed. Alongside, we would be discussing the market segmentation followed in this case. //

The target market selection

The target market to be selected includes the people planning for a vacation, searching for destination, and drop-in customers. The searchers from all over the United States can stay and easily search for their locations from this region. The facilities and layout is so designed that this motel becomes a best choice for the people. This organization would like to see a 10% increase in customers on ...

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The response address the queries posted in 796 words with references.