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    Relevance Of "The Border Patrol State" Essay As A Story

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    How does "The Border Patrol State" qualify as a story. What elements of a story structure are present? What does it communicate? The essay is attatched.

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    The first question you ought to ask yourself is what are the key elements of a story? You base your analysis on any of the several aspects of a story such as plot, characters and theme. In this case, you can choose theme: Theme make an impact on the readers or have a persuasive impact or action. You can analyze the essay in terms of detail to contextual or content analysis and textual or text analysis. You can discuss the various rhetorical aspects of the essay to make it qualify as a story. The main concepts of rhetorical analysis are creation of information, arrangement of information, style of the information, retelling of information and delivery of the particular information. In your analysis you can also base you analysis on terms used in rhetorical analysis such as credibility of the speaker or writer where you can discuss the level of style or vocabulary used, factual and logic reasoning and emotions in the essay.

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    The paper alludes to to an essay by Silko, "The Border Patrol State" and its relevance to a story. The paper has focused on rhetorical analysis as one of the basis of providing the relevance. The paper provides specific facts from the essay to qualify the essay as a story.