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    U.S. Border Security, Immigration Issues, and Economic Impact

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    Prepare a comprehensive plan for U.S. border security. The plan will include concepts such as border security, immigration issues, economic impact and future political ramifications. The paper will address the current pitfalls associated with this topic and your recommendations on how to rectify the situation.

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    To effectively develop a more competent and complete security plan for border control, the United States must engage in several revisions to the approach currently used by those responsible for border security. The following suggestions will be given to the student to elaborate upon for his or her OWN words.
    Some of the most pressing issues currently facing Border Security and Patrol are the lack of manpower and resources appropriated toward the problem. Therefore,

    ■ The United States a greater presence of agents for Border Security under the revamped Department of Homeland Security.
    ■ Included within this capacity should be the enhanced capabilities for Border agents to detain and remove undocumented immigrants as well raid suspected places that are housing immigrants in the country illegally or enforce regulations against employers who hire immigrants without proper documentation.
    ■The next necessary upgrades that must be engaged in are upgrades to the water causeways and ports of entry throughout the country. This will also necessitate the added upgrades of fencing along land borders using tools such as virtual fences.
    ■Advanced technology that incorporates new technology including SBInet will ensure that illegal human trafficking and narcotics trafficking will be reduced.
    ■This will require the steps taken by politicians within Congress that will enable border security to be comprehensively reformed. The current laws will be unable ...

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    The plan for the United States border security, immigration issues and economic impact is examined. The topics associated with recommendations on how to rectify the situation is determined.