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Illegal Immigration and Crime

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My Topic is:
"The effect of illegal immigration on crime rates along the border towns of United States: A focus on types and variation of crimes"
My research questions are:
1. What are the effects of illegal immigration?
2. What are the major causes for violent crime along the south west border of the United States?
3. Are there solutions to minimize violent crime along the south west border of the United States?
4. Why the variation in crime type along the south west border of the United States and the inland states?
I need help in the determining the following:
o Will survey or Internet research methods appropriate for this research questions and why?
o What research design will be appropriate to answer these research questions, and justification for it?

This is a quantitative research; expert can suggest or modify the questions. This is not a full assignment; I only need the assistance to complete the assignment. Please, this is a graduate assignment I will appreciate a detail response from an expert in the area of study and not a response that I can put together myself without consulting texts. Thanks

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This solution is comprised of a detailed explanation of the effects of illegal immigration and crime. Containing over 600 words including references, this explanation provides students with a better understanding of this complicated topic.

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1. What are the effects of illegal immigration?

Walser, McNeil and Zuckerman (2011) state the biggest effect of illegal immigration are the loss of lives. Rape, kidnapping and murder are the three major crimes committed against illegal immigrants. 72 lives were lost in August of 2010 when the immigrants refused to become a pawn in the hands of the drug cartels. Since then border patrol has increased and illegal immigration appear to be on the decline.

2. What are the major causes for violent crime along the south west border of the United States?

Corrupt officials, leaders of drug cartels and human sex traffickers whose only motive is greed have been involved in the majority of violent crimes against illegal immigrants. In 2009 and 2011 Mexico's National Human Rights Commission released reports on the kidnapping of illegal immigrants along the Mexican American border. In total between 9,000 and 12,000 individuals were kidnapped, many of them were held for months awaiting their ransom to be paid by family members. Others, mostly woman and children were used as sex ...

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