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    Immigration Violations & Crime Research Question & Data

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    Quantitative: Does the increase in the number of immigration violations lead to increase in crime?
    •Identify the sources of existing data that was discovered for the above research question.
    •Summarize the relevant data that apply to the research question.
    Composed the final data collection
    Described valid sources of data and demonstrated why the sources are appropriate for research question

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    Research Question Breakdown

    Research Question - Does the increase in the number of immigration violations lead to increase in crime?
    - it is thus assumed that this operationalized research question attempts to explore if immigrant violations (i.e. illegal entry, unlawful presence) in any US territory or the US in general lead to crime and criminality increase.
    • IV - Number of Immigrant Violations
    • DV - Increase in Crime

    There are quite a number of data - measurable being that this is a quantitative study - which can be utilized for such a study as follows:

    1. Camarota, S. & Vaughan, J. (2009). Immigration and Crime: Assessing a Conflicted Issue. Center for Immigration Studies. URL: http://www.cis.org/ImmigrantCrime
    - this particular study looks at available research by both the academe and the government on the question of immigration and crime. They conclude while past data in the 80's for example show that crime related to immigration is low, new data derived from recent years within the surge of illegal immigration to the US showcased high rates of criminality. They report, for example that, "A Pew Hispanic Center study found that, of those sentenced for federal crimes in 2007, non-citizen Hispanics were 74 percent of immigration offenders, 25 percent of drug offenders, 8 percent of white collar offenders, and 6 percent of firearms offenders. Non-citizen Hispanics are 5.1 percent of the nation's adult population. However, the report does not provide information for other crimes or for non-Hispanic immigrants."
    2. Frum, D. (2015). The Problem With Downplaying Immigrant Crime. The Atlantic. URL: http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2015/07/the-problem-with-downplaying-immigrant-crime/399905/
    - While largely a commentary - it weighs in on the immigrant-crime issue as it is viewed in the current political race for Presidency in the US. Data is utilized to list opinions, crime rates and anchor positions.
    3. Krogstad, J.M. & Passel, J. (2015). 5 facts about illegal immigration in the U.S. Pew Research. URL: http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2015/07/24/5-facts-about-illegal-immigration-in-the-u-s/
    - While not tackling relation to Crime, this article presents fast facts about illegal immigrants (thus immigration law violators) in the US.
    4. US Customs and Border protection Agency (2015). Stats and Summaries. URL: http://www.cbp.gov/newsroom/media-resources/stats
    - while this is the official tally of illegal entry and unlawful presence (immigration violations) in the US - it does not cover stats for illegal immigrants concurrently unaccounted for. Still it is a very useful resource for immigration violations as both illegal entry and unlawful presence are considered illegal and against the law (criminal for the former, civil for the latter).
    5. Discover the Networks (2015). Illegal Immigration: Costs, Crimes & Related Problems (US). URL: http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/viewsubcategory.asp?id=196
    -This article contains statistics on crime and illegal immigration as well as the cost of illegal immigration to the US.
    6. Gemma, P. (n.d.). Illegal Alien Crime and Violence by the Numbers: We're All Victims. URL: http://www.constitutionparty.com/illegal-alien-crime-and-violence-by-the-numbers-were-all-victims/
    - While voicing a political view - the article contains statistics relating illegal immigration to particular crimes.
    7. Free Republic (2006). New FBI Statistics on Crimes Committed by Illegal Aliens. URL: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/bloggers/1738432/posts
    - this is a statistical summary of crime committed by illegal immigrants based on FBI statistics in 2006.
    8. Adams, J.C. (2015). Illegal Alien Crime Wave in Texas: 611,234 Crimes, 2,993 Murders. URL: http://pjmedia.com/jchristianadams/2015/07/22/alien-crime-wave-in-texas-611234-crimes-2993-murders/
    - this opinion piece lists current stats on illegal immigration as they relate to crimes and crime increase, especially murder and homicide.

    Data Summarization

    Data available from the articles listed above are varied. They however on the whole indicate that illegal immigration, on a wider scale relates to, or can indicate, even predict increase in particular crimes - property, sexual offences and violent crimes. Data also particular ethnicities indicate or commit/will likely commit specific criminal acts. Immigration violation like illegal entry and unlawful presence are on their own criminal/civil wrongdoings and from there, due to the limitations as well as opportunities of being undocumented, specific criminal acts are then committed (i.e. rape, property crimes, theft, etc.).

    Data to Use

    Due to the overwhelming amount of data, for an initial study, I have chosen to utilize the ones derived from a 2006 FBI statistics release as follows:

    2006 (First Quarter) INS/FBI Statistical Report on Undocumented Immigrants: CRIME STATISTICS

    • 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.

    • 83% of warrants for murder in Phoenix are for illegal aliens.

    • 86% of warrants for murder in Albuquerque are for illegal aliens.

    • 75% of those on the most wanted list in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Albuquerque are illegal aliens.

    • 24.9% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally

    • 40.1% of all inmates in Arizona detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally

    • 48.2% of all inmates in New Mexico detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally

    • 29% (630,000) convicted illegal alien felons fill our state and federal prisons at a cost of $1.6 billion annually

    • 53% plus of all investigated burglaries reported in California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and Texas are perpetrated by illegal aliens.

    • 50% plus of all gang members in Los Angeles are illegal aliens from south of the border.

    • 71% plus of all apprehended cars stolen in 2005 in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California were stolen by Illegal aliens or "transport coyotes".

    • 47% of cited/stopped drivers in California have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 47%, 92% are illegal aliens.

    • 63% of cited/stopped drivers in Arizona have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 63%, 97% are illegal aliens

    • 66% of cited/stopped drivers in New Mexico have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 66% 98% are illegal aliens.

    Based on this, It is possible to propose that immigration violations relate to crime especially in relation to gang and organized crime, theft, murder and violent crime as well as driving violations.

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