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Data Analysis
RQ: Does the increase in the number of immigration violations lead to increase in crime rate?
IV illegal immigrant yes or no
DV amount of crime
Using immigrants alone is insufficient. Immigrants is a constant until it can have more than one value. What are the values for the IV and DV?
What are the scales of measurement for research question?

When a researcher performs a correlational study with multi independent variables and a dependent variable (i.e., multiple regression), the relationships among the independent variables must also be considered. In other words, the researcher must check for multicollinearity. If the independent variables consist of both continuous and categorical variables, then multicollinearity must be checked with different methods of statistical analyses.

Whats the results of the study? (provide tables) Describe what analysis of the data has revealed. Discuss how findings can be used to make improvements in the field or as the basis for further research. •Define the general problem statement that you are investigating. For example, a problem statement can be "Convicted offenders find it difficult to seek gainful employment upon release from prison."
•Identify the key issues related to the problem, such as lack of skills among offenders, a desire to return to criminality rather than pursuing lawful employment, or reluctance on the part of employers to hire offenders.
•Specify the research question(s) intend to answer with relation to the problem statement. For example, "Does participation in prison-based technical training programs improve an offender's opportunities for postrelease employment?"
•Identify potential sources of data.
•Define the expected outcome of the research question—what expect to find and why.explain what was actually found was in line with the expectations or not.

use references

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1. Discussion of the topic, including IV/DV, scales of measurement - 100 words
2. Sample Research & Adapted Research Design
a. particulars
b. problem statement, research questions, results
c. key issues related to the problem
d. data sources
e. outcome expectations and actual findings

This should yield around 400 to 500 words which should cover what you need. Just let me know via the feedback section if you need further clarification. You can also use the resources to further explore the topic. All the best with your studies.

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Research Topic Exploration: Immigration Violations & Crime Rates

In this particular task the subject of study investigates if immigration violations relate to increased crime rates. Scale of Measurement is ordinal as crime rates and immigration violation rates are based on statistics released by government agencies who use data from such organizations as the Justice Department, the FBI and the US Prison System. The research question (RQ) investigated for the research is as follows -

"Does the increase in the number of immigration violations lead to increase in crime rate?"
• Independent Variable/IV is thus - number of immigration violations
• Dependent Variable/DV is thus - crime rate

Essentially, the research is investigating if the increase or decrease in immigration ...

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