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    Correlation Between an Increase in Crime Because of Immigration

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    Research Question: Does increase in immigration lead to an increase in crime?
    IV = Immigration rate
    DV = Crime rate
    Problem trying to solve: An increase in immigration may lead to an increase in different types of criminal activity
    Compose data collection instruments that would apply to hypothesis and variables.

    - Compose and submit a sample survey. Pay particular attention to the format of questionnaire items so that they will generate both quantitative data that can be statistically analyzed and qualitative data.
    - Design observation guidelines for an on-site observation.
    - Compose interview questions that would be appropriate for a study about The above research question topic and describe whom a person would approach to interview.

    Please use references.

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    Does an increase in immigration cause an increase in crime? Here are some results found using the sources listed below.

    "Newer Census data from 2007 show a 146 percent increase in immigrant incarceration 2000 to 2007 — yet, the overall immigrant population grew only 22 percent."

    "The 1970s and 1980s saw crime rates rise along with immigration levels."

    "A Housingsing panel data on US counties, Spenkuch finds that a 10 percent increase in the share of immigrants increases the property crime rate by 1.2 percent."

    However many different ones show no correlation and in fact they show a decrease in crime ...

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    This solution discusses whether there is a correlation between crime and immigration.