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Texas-Mexico Border Studies: Literature Review

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I need help in writing a literature review on this attached topic. It is suppose to be about 10 pages long. I am not requesting the expert to write or complete the assignment for me but I will appreciate a 4-5pages long that I can develop and build on for future research. I have already search some literature on the topic and prepared the background of the research.

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The solution is a comprehensive guide in putting together a literature review on a particular topic of study - the impact of border enforcement on crime and criminality along the Texas-Mexico borderland. The solution provides guidance in putting together such a review, suggests and outline and a list of resources as well as a narrative that is based on the outline including arguments about the inclusion of certain published works (a total list of 12). A word version is also attached.

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Hi There,
Thank you for your patience. In this particular task, you are asking for help in putting together a literature review. I am going to assume that you have already done such an exercise so that the solution below is about helping you put together useful materials for your topic. Just in case you need a look at what doing literature review is all about, these links are very helpful:

1. 1.http://www.reading.ac.uk/internal/studyadvice/StudyResources/Essays/sta-startinglitreview.aspx
2. http://writing.wisc.edu/Handbook/ReviewofLiterature.html
3. http://writingcenter.unc.edu/handouts/literature-reviews/

I recommend the link from the University of Reading as it explains the essence of the materials that can be included. Now, 4-5 pages using the standard format means including at least 8 to 10 resources. The materials below have been sourced from your own list with some added on to expand the background of your study. I suggest using his simple outline:

1. Introduction - an overview of the topic and how the paper is organized (150 words)
2. Body - this is the bulk of your resource listing. I suggest organizing it according to topic like so
a. topic a (150 words)
b. topic b (150 words)
c. topic c (150 words)
d. topic d (150 words)
3. Conclusion & Recommendations - what have you drawn overall from the materials you studied about the topic? How will they impact your study? What kind of recommendation can you draw from them to move your study forward? (200 words)

Obviously, if you want it longer, you can make it so. This is only so you can reach from 950 to 1200 words which will make up that 5 pages target following the usual format. Each topic in the body are themes and concerns about the research you are going to do. Remember that your methods, aside from your hypothesis, as well as Operationalization concerns are just as essential to study about previously before undertaking a research so you can take materials that will discuss them or help you out with them and include them in the review. Thus, each of the topics becomes a 'theme', tackling an element of your research. This way your professor will see that you have accounted for issues that presents the 'big picture' in relation to your research. You can leave me a message via the feedback section if you want further clarification. You can also use the listed resources to further explore the topic. All the best with your studies and thank you for using Brainmass.

Since this is a perception study, wouldn't you be shifting focus which is a social-psychological study if you concentrated on correlating the crime rates between illegal immigrants and the legal immigrants? Remember that you must use soc-psych methods and focus on producing a perception study of subjects affected directly and indirectly by the issue, and not a study of the crimes along the border itself as that would take you to a different field of study - like sociology or social criminology, for example. But you can still include this particular area of concern, especially if you utilize the argument method and contrast a claim to evidence whereby the correlation rates become your evidence. I hope this will help you avoid issues later on with your professor.


Literature Review: The impact of Border Enforcement on crime rates along Texas/Mexican Border: A perception study through the lenses of Immigrants and non-Immigrants


My study looks towards exploring the impact border enforcement along the Texas-Mexican border has on crime rates, particularly in the socio-geographic localities connected to the border. My study is a perception study which I hope would showcase the relevance of methods and processes in social psychology in terms of mitigating and understanding today's most pressing social concerns. Of the key perception methods that are applicable, I would likely utilize arguments and introspection. The collation of claims and search of evidence to them would show if perception is connected to the reality whereas introspection will allow for a study of subjective perceptions by a variety of subjects, affected, directly or indirectly by the issue at hand, especially in relation to immigration & crime along the Texas-Mexico border. It is largely believed that illegal immigration is responsible for higher crime rates along the south-west border of the United States. Comparing to other central and northern states that are far from the border, the crime rates along the Border States are higher only in certain crimes, largely property and violent crimes (Coronado & Orrenius, 2007). It has been an age-long debate that illegal immigration is positively ...

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