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    Colorectal Cancer Disparities Among Demographic Subgroups

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    Analyze the article attached. Give an evaluation of the literature review, methods used, results presentation, and discussion of the study. I need help analyzing if they reasonably presented, and how they could be improved. Finally, a conclusion giving an overall opinion of this study and if it provided useful information for disease surveillance.

    With academic references, if other sources than the article are used.

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    I reviewed the article and you should as well, to make sure that I have covered all the pertinent and necessary information for analyzing the article.

    The article, Surveillance of the colorectal cancer disparities among demographic subgroups: A spatial analysis is a report on research done on the affect of cancer on various demographic groups. The information presented, allows other researchers data to assess mortality rates, and any mortality information based on the demographics presented. The article supports the success of survival rates for early detection versus others. The research was conducted in Texas on demographic groups in Texas.

    The literature review, presented in the paper, is relatively small, but it does cover the data from previous studies and information based on state level studies of colorectal cancer.The sub groups identified as gender, age, and ethnicity along with race. African American males and Hispanics were noted as among the highest risks for colorectal cancers and men being higher at risk than women as well. The literature included SEER information from the National Cancer Institute and the Southern Medical Journal. Demographic information was gathered from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area, the Gulf Coast, Central and Southwest Texas. The data figures from the Public Health Regions were used as well. The studies were divided into regions for ...

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    The solution provides an article analysis regarding colorectal cancer disparities among demographic subgroups.