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    health care statistics

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    What are five health care statistics that are commonly reported and what do they mean?

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    Health and medical statistics represent data 0f various types. The most common statistics reported are vital, morbidity and mortality. Some other common statistical data reported within the health care industry involve costs, the distribution of certain diseases associated with geographic, ethnic, and gender variables.

    For the most part, federal, state and local agencies in additional to not-for-profit organizations are responsible for the majority of data collection and the data is greatly decentralized making some statistics difficult to find. Real-time data is extremely rare except for rough and unqualified estimates. By the time they are published most statistics are out of date to some degree.

    Researching health statistics on an international scope usually presents more problems than locating U.S. data. Resources necessary for proper data collection, particularly in developing countries, may not be as available as it is in the United States. Therefore, data collection efforts can vary greatly ...

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