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The Value of Knowledge of Medical Terminology

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What value do you believe a working knowledge of medical terminology will have for your success as a healthcare manager?

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Health care managers are first and foremost knowledgeable on standard business and administration practices as these are the basis for a number of positions they can hold. An understanding of finance, information systems, human relationships and leadership skills is essential, but the degree of medical terminology needed will depend on the area of health care that they will be in charge.

Health care managers can work for example as service managers, clinical managers, health information managers or policy analyst. Service managers plan, direct, coordinate, and supervise the delivery of healthcare. They can be general managers running an entire facility in which case basic knowledge of medical terminology will ...

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The solution includes a discussion of the different types of position or responsibilities that a healthcare manager can have and how important or not is the knowledge of medical terminology according to the responsibilities that the person has in that position.

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