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Medical terminology

You are a front office medical assistant. You are storing a patient record after a visit with the physician. You read the following note.

You want to practice your knowledge of medical terminology, so you decide to rewrite the note without using medical terminology.
This 40 YO F pt c/o epigastric pain. Lab tests are WNL. An ECG and T PR B/P are WNL. Pt says pain ↑ after eating spicy foods. She has been taking OTC antacids PRN c (the letter "c" will usually have a horizontal line above it) little relief. A scar is noted in the RLQ from an appendectomy when pt was 20. Pt will be scheduled for gastroscopy. Pre op lab work ordered.

? Spell, define, and pronounce medical terminology accurately.
? Translate abbreviations of medical terminology.

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This 40 YO (year old) F (female) pt (patient) c/o (complains of) epigastric pain. Lab (laboratory) tests are WNL (within normal limits). An ECG (electrocardiogram)and T (temperature) PR ...

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