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    Being a Medical Assistant: Medical Terms

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    You are being interviewed for a job as a medical assistant. As part of the interview process, the office manager tells you there will be a short test to assess your familiarity with using roots, prefixes, and suffixes to understand medical terms.

    You are a bit nervous about taking a test, but you did well taking a medical terminology course in school, so you feel ready.

    You are taken to a quiet room and given the following 6 medical terms. You are to identify if they have a root, suffix, or prefix; write the meaning of each of those; and define the medical term. The medical terms are the following:
    - tachycardia
    - phlebitis
    - hematoma (Hint: state the literal meaning of this word you will get by correctly analyzing the root, prefix or suffix, and then see if you can give an example of how a person could get this condition.)
    - hepatomegaly
    - cystoscopy (Once you have analyzed this term, find out and briefly state how it is done.)

    Put the answers in a separate table on this document. Using proper APA format, please cite the sources for your responses.

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