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The Necessity for Medical Terminology

A patient asks you, "Why can't you medical people speak in plain English? Why do you speak in this medical jargon?"


Why do you think that medical professionals have their own language? What are the benefits and drawbacks of this?

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Unit 1: Foundations of Medical Terms
Unit 1: FAQ: Foundations of Medical Terms
Unit 1: Understanding Medical Terminology
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Medical professionals have their own language because they are educated in an industry that has a highly developed system of technical terminology. They become comfortable with the terminology and accustomed to thinking about medical issues, as they related to the system of terminology. Many of the medical terms used stem from basic latin root words and describe what or how the procedure or term relates to the basic root word. Because medical professionals are immersed in this system of terminology, they may find it difficult to relate to health or ...

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This discussion provides an overview and explanation of why specific medical terminology is necessary in the medical profession. It also addresses the challenges that use of medical terminology can present, for patients and health care consumers.