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    Comprehensive Guide: Doing Literature Review & Theoretical Disucssion

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    Perceptions of illegal immigrants and crime would be a topic to present. As much descriptive data both nationally and locally would be helpful. The project is a qualitative research, discussing correlation between two variables is unnecessary. With that, social organization theory may be less relevant to how immigrants view crime. Let us look at a theory (cultural Psychology) which discusses social, cognitive, cultural perspectives on ethics, morals, and law. We can use most of the information on the previous help request, remove areas that contradict qualitative approach and theory, and then add about 10 more pages to the literature review.

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    Hi There,
    Thank you for your patience. As previously discussed, I understand that this is the continuation of the guide we have done for your literature review. The main push of this section is the inclusion of a discussion that involves a play of the ideas from the former materials we have worked on, 'throwing in' theoretical elements from grounded theory. Essentially it is a reworking of what we have done previously, but adding elements of theory. I understand why cultural psychology might be most applicable but you must differentiate between theoretical approach (your perspective - the lens that you will view the problem from) and your methodology (grounded theory - a qualitative approach from the 'ground up'). In my experience of doing qualitative research of this kind, it is always best to be clear from the very beginning which is your 'theoretical framework' (the 'lens') and your methodology (the theory or system you will use to do your research). The former is the 'thinking' element; the other is the ...

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    The solution provides a comprehensive guide in doing a literature review, including a theoretical background discussion of a proposed perception research on the topic of border militarization (US/Mexico) in relation to illegal immigration and criminality. A total of over 20 bibliographic resources and materials are reviewed and/or included in the discussion for theory and topic research. Cultural psychology and grounded theory are also explored and presented as perspectives and methodology. The solution, totaling 7,691 words is attached as a Word document. The solution will be also be useful to students who are having a difficult time applying theoretical background in terms of doing qualitative research. Do be aware that the solution has been crafted specifically for the unique guidance of tackling a specific topic.