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Nursing Research: How to do a Literature Search and Review

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How you would go about doing a literature search, including all details and keywords. How would you determine if a literature review was appropriate? Thank you.

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In reference to Nursing Research, this solution overviews the steps of doing a literature search and review, including all details and keywords. It also explains how would you determine if a literature review was appropriate.

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1. How you would go about doing a literature search, including all details and keywords.

A literature search is in preparation for writing your literature review. You use search words linked to your topic and research question. For general information on doing a literature search you would use search words such as "literature review" or "how to do a literature review."

However, your specific search will be linked to your topic and related topics that provides enough information to build a case for the need for the study. Often your search begins in a general area (back pain in nursing) and as you search the nursing literature you will find a gap or a suggested area that needs further research. This narrows your search and you will be using these words for search words, such as "the cause of back injuries in nursing" or just "back injuries in nursing" or nurse's back injuries" or statistics on back injuries in nursing."

The literature search is linked to the literature review to find a topic and the review the literature linked directly to you problem and somewhat related to your topic. However, you are not expected to include all the research in any one area as that you be impossible (in most areas) because of the volumes of literature on most topics. You are expected to give an overview, however, sing examples of studies in the topic area.

The literature review is part of the PROBLEM FORMULATION process. That is, where would you come up with the idea for a research project? There are several ways, such as:

· The experience of practical problems in the field - Many researchers are directly engaged in social, health or human service program implementation and come up with their ideas based on what they see happening around them.

· Involvement with others who work in the field - For instance, as a case in point, in health services areas, one problem of great interest in that of back injuries among nursing staff. It's not necessarily the thing that comes first to mind when we think about the health care field, but easy to understand as nurses and ...

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