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Immigration and crime

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Does the increase in the number of immigration violations lead to increase in crime rate?"
What is the final conclusion of the research question?
Described the discussion and conclusions of research topic?
Discussed the organizational, managerial, and policy implications of the research topic?.
Explained the implications of the study and their relevance to the field.
Use reference

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I picked two research reports and combined them to come up with an outline. You may or not agree with it, but the two references are listed and from your choices it is easy to find more information in your school library on the subject. The outline is meant to guide, since this is often a polarizing subject matter.

The answer to this question tends to depend on the researcher, the disseminator, and the ability to skew facts. If one is to believe the common, anti immigration argument, then yet, the number of immigrants coming into the country does directly affect criminal activity (http://cis.org/ImmigrantCrime). However, there are two problems with this information. First it is often based on anecdotal information and less from hard statistical data. And second, it tends to skew figures without providing a solid explanation as to the facts of the data presented and any limitations of the data used.

The real answer lies in the facts as presented specifically from crime statistics. And in the reality of immigrant intentions. It is often considered that the immigrant comes here for free services. This would seem at odds with the fact that ...

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An outline for potential research on the subject of immigration and criminal activity is provided. Does the increase in the number of immigration violations lead to increase in crime rate is determined.