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Why are private clubs controversial in America?

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Why is the idea of exclusive private clubs so controversial and generate so much ill-will? Before you answer with the knee-jerk response "they're just jealous," consider how envy arises in society, the difference between envy and jealousy, and its uses in the class system.

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This solution takes a look at private clubs in America. Why are they a controversial concept? Are they racist, sexist or in some other way discriminatory or are they simply a reflection of personal taste and choice regarding the company one keeps? Is there a difference between envy and jealousy as it relates to this topic? The solution provides a short response of 200 words.

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No one likes to be considered inferior to others or unworthy of the company and attention of others. Private clubs, like cliques in high school, function on the premise that some people are considered worthy of association while others are rejected as undesirable. The criteria for determining this ...

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