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    Biological concepts from the non-science major perspective

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    The stem cells are captured from embryonic cells, but they also can be captured from the placenta and umbilical cord.

    a. If this is the case, why is there so much controversy on the subject? (It is not unethical after all to capture stem cells from the placenta or umbilical cord after the birth of a child).

    b. Also, can stem cells captured from the placenta or umbilical cord be used universally? In other words, can they be used on anybody (non-family members) for genetic medical reasons?

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    Stem cells are a versatile group of cells that are capable of dividing into almost any type of body cell. They are fast growing, found in embryos and certain parts of the animal body. They are found in growing areas of plants as well.

    Of the embryonic and body stem cells, the embryonic version is highly versatile and dependable. They are less differentiated as compared to adult stem cells. For your knowledge, stem cells from embryos are obtained ...

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