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    children with disablilites

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    Some barriers in the delivery of services to children with disabilities and practical solutions for children with disabilites

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    Some of the barriers are:

    Lack of Trained Personnel to render services to children with disabilities.

    Lack of quality in the delivery of services to children with disabilities.

    Poor coordination between different agencies.

    Lack of training and knowledge among the parents.

    Lack of financial resources.

    Poor accessibility to services.

    (1) States are responding with some success to multiple pressures to improve educational and transitional services and results for children with disabilities in response to growing demands imposed by ever-changing factors, such as demographics, social policies, and labor and economic markets.

    (2) In order for States to address such demands and to facilitate lasting systemic change that is of benefit to all students, including children with disabilities, States must involve local educational agencies, parents, individuals with disabilities and their families, teachers and other service providers, and other interested individuals and organizations in carrying out comprehensive strategies to improve educational results for children with disabilities.

    (3) ...

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    I need a list of barriers in the delivery of service to children with disablities and pratical solutions for children with disablilites