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    Identifying students with special education needs

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    What specific criteria are considered in identifying and labeling students with a variety of physical disabilities, other health impairments, and severe sensory disorders?

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    Depending on the type of disability, specific criteria need to be met. For starters, when considering if a child should be classified as having special education needs, they need to meet one of 13 diagnosis outlined by the Federal Government. Then, based on the category, other criteria need to be met.

    I will first explain how students are identified as needing or potentially needing special education services. Any child that is between the ages of 3 and 21 can be referred to the local Child Study Team in their school district. The Child Study Team usually consists of the following members - School Psychologist, School Social Worker and an LDTC (Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant). Other members of the CST may include Speech Therapists, Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists. When a child is referred, the CST meets, along with the parents and teachers to discuss the behaviors that are occurring and the condition that the child suffers from. The student will then go through a series of assessments given by the Child Study Team members. Included in this is usually a Psychological Assessment, a test that measures IQ and learning ability, and a social assessment that outlines ...

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    A detailed look at the process of identifying students who need special education services. The process explained and the criteria outlined by the federal government is examined.