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    Students with disabilities

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    Discuss effective instructional practices for students with physical disabilities, other health impairments, and severe sensory disorders.
    Create a hypothetical situation

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    There are several instructional practices that would be beneficial for students with physical impairments. The most important thing to know is how severe is the impairment and what modifications need to be made in the classroom to allow this child to function in a way that is going to be the most beneficial for them. Some instructional practices that can be completed are very simple such as speaking in a louder tone or moving the child closer to the board if he or she has a hearing or vision problem.
    Other impairments such as being physically handicapped can be a little harder to accommodate because of space that is provided in the classroom. Moving the desks in a manner that allows the child to bring his or her chair into the room with ease and park in a central location is key. The student will also need to be able to move freely from one location to another if the particular ...