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Importance of physical education for children

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Hi Debbie,
I have another assignment that I would like your input on. Why is Physical Education important for children? What are your thoughts on topics such as health benefits, the cognitive/academic impact of physical education, social benefits and lifetime effects. I have a few ideas on why it is an important part of my educational career. Can you share your thoughts? And did it motivate you to stay active as an adult? Your input would be great.

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- Physical Education's Importance for Children

The importance for children has filtered down from the adults, don't you think? There has been little change in lifestyle among the lower-middle and lower-class families. The inactivity is somewhat affected by the amount of television children watch, an average of 3 hours per day! This is a sedentary activity and the fact that children often snack while watching inspires weight gain. When you add on DVDs, and other computer activity, it can be up to six hours of sedentary activity. Children who engage in these activities, which are most, have a higher BMI than those who watch less television (USDHHS, 2000). If children then have a positive experience in physical education, ...

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The importance of physical education for children are examined.