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    Equal Protection, Equity and Adequacy

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    How did equal protection, equity and adequacy arise? What do these concepts have in common?

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    According to Briffault, R., the concepts of equal protection, equity and adequacy have been associated with a distinctive legal theory of school finance reform which began in the late 1960s when plaintiffs depend on the Equal Protection Clause of the federal constitution with regards on the problems related to the expenditures among school districts in a state and its reliance on the local tax to fund the basic education (elementary and secondary). There were succeeding wave theories which made the focus shift from equity to adequacy in 1989 when the basis of litigation was shifted from equal protection clauses to articles of state constitutions which directs state governments to provide quality and adequate education to public ...

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    This 371 word solution discusses the history of equal protection, equity and adequacy; it includes a description of the relationship of the concepts and four references.