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    Public Education Funding

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    1. What are the greatest roadblocks to providing equitable funding to all students? What could states do to ensure that there is adequate funding for each district?

    2. There is much correlation between money and educational success. Different states and even schools within states may receive varied amounts of monies for schools. Do you think our schools receive adequate money? Are funds focused on expenditures that promote student learning? Explain. Do you think schools need more money or better management of monies they currently receive?

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    1. One of the biggest roadblocks in school funding is how the states fund the schools in general. Most schools receive funding based on the property taxes in their school district, because local districts contribute approximately 44% based on these taxes. So this can mean that schools in low socio-economic areas do not receive the same funding as those in higher socio-economic areas, which means that these students are not receiving the same quality of education (1). Most schools in higher socio-economic areas offer a great deal more than smaller schools because they have more funding available to offer these classes as well as extracurricular school activities. For example, one school is located in a high socio-economic area and offers classes to high school seniors that can be transferred and used as college credit hours, in an attempt to prepare high school students for college. Another school is located in a small community, in which the socio-economic ...

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    Discusses the possible roadblocks dealing with equal funding to school systems, what states could do to make sure schools are adequately funded. Also discusses the correlation between educational success and money or school funding.