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    Summarizing the Cost of College and How to Better Fund College Education

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    Summarize the changes in the price of going to college from 1920 to 1945. Consider student employment opportunities and positive influences of the various relief work programs such as the public works projects during this time. How did colleges and universities benefit from them? Do you feel that a similar type of public works project(s) could work today? Why or why not? What are some options that students have today to pay for college? Give your perspectives on how college education could be funded.

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    There were many changes in the price of going to college during the World Wars. Most public controlled colleges are financially based by the government through student loans both federal and state loans as well as grants. The private schools are generally independent but will accept federal funding and grants with private or personal funding also. Part of the New Deal of 1933 was created because of the Great Depression. The Great Depression actually increased college enrollments (Thelin, Edwards, & Moyen, 2013). This created funding for people to be employed by building ...

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    The expert summarizes the cost of college and how it better funds college education.