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Budgetary Priorities.

The president and the Congress identify budgetary priorities by the level of funding appropriated to address those public policy problems. Identify a specific public policy problem that, in your opinion, has not received sufficient funding from Washington or from your state. Consider issues such as health care, education, veterans' care, foreign aid, or job training programs. You may also wish to support your argument with any specific personal or professional instances you have faced relating to this public policy issue.

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Education would be a good example to use for this question. The entire funding structure for education needs major reform. This has also been a major issue in the news in recent years. There are a few problems here. The first problem is that the government allocates less and less money to education because they're funding public programs that are taking up higher percentages of funds than what's being used for education. For example, due to the structure of public assistance programs, the economy, etc., there are more people on welfare now in the U.S. than at any other ...

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This solution discusses a specific public policy problem that has not received sufficient funding from Washington or any individual state. A full discussion is provided.