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    Budget for a Satellite Program

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    Identify and explain the role of key actors who have influence over the budgetary process.

    Explain how the budgetary constraints led to the outcome of the case.

    Discuss the politics involved with the budgetary process.

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    Satellite Program

    Identify and explain the role of key actors who have influence over the budgetary process

    The budget of the CIA is classified information and therefore it is impossible to know how many billions of dollars they have at their disposal. The annual budget for all military intelligence agencies is reported as being around $30 billion but this figure is given by the CIA and there is no outside accountability to verify if it is accurate or not.


    Unlike any other agency in the American government the CIA has the ability to garner funds from other agencies and sources without disclosing these to the public or even to the government. It is reported by some that the "black budget" runs in excess of $1 trillion dollars nearly four times its legal budget. With seemingly bottomless pockets and with little or no accountability, it is not surprising that CIA projects such as the satellite program ...

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    This post addresses the government's approval of a satellite development program. Specifically, how is the budget for a project like this determined and approved? Over 600 words of original text along with links to sources.