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    Education with a Christian Background

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    There are some educators who do not like to label a school as "Christian" or not. As educators, can you work in a public school and lead a "Christian classroom?" Can you see characteristics of public schools that might be termed "Christian" characteristics of Christian schools that are "secular"? (400 words)

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    My name is Jason Blair and it my pleasure to assist you today. Being an education professor in Arizona, I have had dealings with both 'secular' and 'Christian' schools. What follows are some notes that I wish to give you on this topic. Keep in mind that I cannot write a complete 400 word response for you, but you should be able to take my notes and formulate your own informed response based on your own experiences.

    One thing to keep in mind is that, while Christian schools are permitted to add components to their curriculum that secular schools are not (religious studies courses for example), they still must follow a set curriculum outlined by the state. This is why you will find families from non-religious backgrounds still opting to send their child to a religious school ...

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